Northfleet School for Girls was opened in March 1937 in a new building next to the Boys’ School in Colyer Road.

The school remained open throughout the war, although many girls were evacuated to Torrington and Bideford as Northfleet was situated in a danger area.

After the war the school had six Houses, each named after famous women: Sybil Thorndyke; Marie Curie; Gladys Aylward; Laura Knight; Helen Terry and Helen Keller. Of these, Dame Sybil Thorndyke visited the school in 1948 and Gladys Aylward in 1950.

In 1950 the Upper School moved into our current buildings in Hall Road. These buildings were officially opened in November 1951, although it was not until 1955 that the whole school was able to move to the new buildings. More building work started in 1971, when the foundations of South Wing were laid. The School celebrated its 50th birthday in 1987.

Northfleet School for Girls has always been a community school. Many of the girls attending the School today have mothers and grandmothers who are ‘old girls’ of the school. The school has maintained the traditions and high standards remarked upon by her Majesty’s Inspectors in 1964: students who are ‘delightful to meet natural, responsive and poised’, moving around the school with ‘dignity and complete absence of regimentation’ but ‘well endowed with vigour and robustness which was released at appropriate times!’

Thirty-two years later, OFSTED Inspectors found that those qualities still existed: ‘The attitudes of pupils towards their learning demonstrate the school motto “Always Learning - Learning All Ways”. They enjoy learning, come to lessons prepared to work and make good progress.’ ‘Pupils have very good personal qualities.’ ‘The school’s arrangements to prepare pupils for continuing education and adult life are well focused and thorough.’ ‘The positive leadership of the headteacher and ethos of the school, strongly support good learning and high personal aspirations.’ Northfleet School for Girls continues to be a happy school, where the emphasis is on learning and good standards of behaviour.

We want our community to continue to be proud of our school and committed to it.