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Welcome from the Headteacher


A warm welcome to Northfleet School for Girls Co-operative Learning Trust.

We are a caring and happy environment for over 1,100 students aged from 11-18, with male students being welcomed for some courses from 14+ or joining us in the sixth form.

We recently became a Co-operative Trust to reinforce the core values that the school has always held such as self-responsibility, equity, openness and social responsibility. Our new partners will enable us to build on our strengths and to enhance the relationships we already have with the community; partners currently include amongst others the University of Greenwich, University of the First Age and Age Concern. We value academic achievement alongside the development of values and the personal, learning and thinking skills which employers set great store by. Our aim is to support our students in becoming well rounded and confident individuals who have the breadth of qualifications and experience to enable them to be successful in the world of work and in their personal lives.

Our “rules” are basically summed up by the key words:
Co-operation, consideration, courtesy, common sense

This means we expect students to treat others and their environment with respect, to be “always learning, learning always”, including learning from their mistakes and to work together to create their success. The quality of our work depends on the quality of the relationships we form.

We emphasise the contribution our students can make to local, national and global environments and encourage each student to volunteer support in whatever capacity she or he can.

We are not afraid of hard work and our year on year improvements have come about as a result of staff and students using our superb new buildings to underpin that hard work. Our students are committed to achieving the best.

We encourage students to consider a wide variety of career choices and provide dedicated advice to enable them to achieve their ambitions. The opportunity to contribute in and beyond the school provides additional career development and increases as the student matures.

A personalised curriculum lies at the heart of what we deliver to each young person. Your daughter may be given “reach up”, “catch up” or “keep up” support, and this may take the form of after school, holiday or lunch time mentoring and coaching in small groups. Groupings may vary also in lessons to enable focused work on particular aspects.

We are lucky to have new buildings which have greatly enhanced our facilities and the opportunities for our local community to share our great resources.

A caring, orderly and disciplined environment creates young people of whom we are proud and who are able to take their place in society and make a difference.

I look forward to welcoming you to our school and sharing our achievements with you.